A change in focus...

It's coming up to Where the Wild Things Grow's 2nd anniversary, and with this comes a change in focus for my little business.

I started my business with the idea of growing my own flowers and selling them to the public as market flowers. Very quickly I realised I wasn't quite prepared for growing so quickly, and I started purchasing flowers from the wholesaler and selling these as market flowers instead. Soon I was asked to create gift bouquets, then weddings...and so here I am.

Two years on and I have gotten extremely busy with daily orders for gift bouquets, I have a wedding season coming up which is almost completely booked, I have started hosting floral workshops during the quieter months which I have been really enjoying, and I have been working on establishing my flower gardens (let me make "gardens" very clear, you won't find a flower farm here - I am VERY small scale!). With things growing busier I have found it harder to make enough time for everything that I have taken on...including my family. With our youngest girls having just started school, and our eldest just starting college it is more important than ever to be present for them. So the time has come where something has to give...I am one woman, and I can't do it all - I would love to, and I have tried, but I'm only human. 

What I love the most is weddings, it's what gets me excited, and inspired, and creative, and just everything. There's nothing like it. Along with my workshops, and my gardens that I'm LOVING being out in any chance I get, and my family....these are the things that came out on top for me, that I love and want to do every day to live a happy and fulfilled life. So I have had to say goodbye to creating gift bouquets for all of the lovely customers that have been supporting me for the past two years. I have loved this part of my business, seeing those surprised and happy faces when I deliver someone a bouquet, it has let me be creative, and grow, and discover my own style, and I'm so grateful for everyone that has supported me during this time, you have been supporting my dream, so thank you!

I feel like I am kind of back where I'm supposed to be...with what got me started in the first place - wanting to grow flowers for people, and now growing flowers for my weddings as well. Just wanting to be able to work with them everyday, and play, and grow, and get more creative, and challenge myself. So I'm very excited to be able to focus on this over Summer, and into the future, and to be able to offer my couples the wedding flora they dream of, much of it grown right here in my own little flower patch.

Kelly x


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