The WTWTG Flower Garden

I thought this would be a good place to keep you up to date on what's going on in the Where the Wild Things Grow flower garden. I come from a family of gardeners, but I have never really put the time or effort into doing things properly or to the scale I am now. When we bought our first home that changed, I couldn't wait to get stuck in and make our property beautiful - when we bought it the house was great, but the section was extremely wild and overgrown, the previous owners/tenants had let it go a bit, so we had 1500m2 to tame. When my mother in law first saw the property we were hoping to buy she said "Wow it's a lot of work, are you sure you want to take this on?" but we were excited for the challenge and to make it our own.

My Mum came over for a holiday from Australia and she is a professional gardener so we got stuck in to weeding and my husband works in the bush so he went to town with the chainsaw and we tidied things up a lot. Our section is mostly sloping with a couple of flat areas, and a lot of mature trees which give us plenty of privacy. Until now I have only grown Dahlias (fave!) and some other bits and pieces around the garden, so having a decent cut flower garden is pretty exciting for me right now!

I am still a complete novice, I am learning as I go with the help of my Mum, Nana (who used to grow Proteas commercially when I was little), grower friends, and a great little flower farming group I'm a part of. My goal for this season is just to have a go. To grow what I know I'll use for my weddings, and to grow things that I love and that are different and not so commercial. 

I have 18 garden roses in muted tones, and rich hues which if all goes well will be the perfect addition to some of my weddings this season. I am very excited about growing roses but also completely terrified! Having more time to pay them the attention they need is a very good thing right now!

I have snapdragons, achillea, queen annes lace, scabiosa, scabiosa star ball, larkspur, nigella, dahlias, delphiniums, phlox, foxgloves, aquilegia, hellebore, hydrangea, garden roses and some foliages all in the garden right now. Some I have planted in plastic tunnels I have created to give my plants/seedlings a bit of warmth to get them going because I don't have a glasshouse!

 I have been busy sowing seeds of amaranthus, zinnia, phlox, tweedia, echinacea, rudbeckia, dianthus, scabiosa, snaps, strawflower, cosmos, cornflower, orlaya, sea holly, echinops, bishops flower, aster, craspedia, and a few other bits.

So spring and summer are going to be very exciting for me! I can't wait to see everything growing and flowering, and I can't wait to learn more as I go so that next spring/summer can be even better. Hopefully in a few months I will have some updated photos of everything looking lush and green and in full bloom.


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